Motorcycle Accidents in South Carolina

motorcycle helmet in the road

As motorcycle accident attorneys in Rock Hill, SC, we represent riders who have been injured in a collision. The freedom that motorcycles give riders is an amazing feeling but comes with a major downside. While the wind blowing through your hair may be a great feeling, you don’t have the security of airbags and a metal frame for protection.  Because of the hazards present when riding, we see some of the worst accidents when motorcycles are involved.  We are more likely to see cranial and spinal injuries, road rash, burns, and lacerations than in an accident with two cars.

Unfortunately, due to the serious nature of many motorcycle collisions, the basic coverage held by many drivers will not come close to covering the medical bills that come after a crash.  South Carolina’s minimum coverage limit of $25,000 is woefully inadequate when hospital bills can range in the hundreds of thousands.  Because of this, it is extremely important to hire an auto accident lawyer who knows the laws and will work to discover additional sources of compensation.  In many cases, there are other policies that may cover damages and medical bills.  Other recoverable damages can include pain and suffering losses, lost wages, and even damage to your bike.


Because of the inherent danger associated with riding, most bikers are extremely cautious on the road. Being a defensive driver is always important, but riders know how critical it is to be defensive when surrounded by larger vehicles.  Driver distractions such as eating or texting while driving, or just a general lack of attention to the road can result in a minor collision between two cars, but even a small mistake can change the life of a motorcycle rider forever.  Despite most rider’s caution, we do not have control over most of what happens on the highway.


If something out of your control causes you to be injured while on a motorcycle, we strongly suggest speaking with an attorney, at the very least, to get a good understanding of the rights that you have.  Even if your accident wasn’t a recent one, you may still be able to take action to recover some of what you’re owed. As a general rule, you have three years to file a suit, but there are certain factors that can change the statute of limitations. Again, a motorcycle accident attorney can analyze your case and help you to determine if a lawsuit is a good idea in your particular case.

Lewis Law Firm has helped many riders receive the compensation that they are owed following a motorcycle accident in South Carolina.  Our firm of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys will review and build your case, negotiate with insurance companies, and work to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. We know that the weeks following a motorcycle collision can be a confusing time. Calls from insurance companies and medical bill collectors quickly become yet another thing on your mind during a difficult period. Let the Lewis Law Firm handle the legal issues while you focus on your recovery.  Call us today for a free consultation and case analysis.

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